12 Regular Guys Are Frozen On Stage. When The Music Starts? Watch The Guy In The Middle.


Why hello, boys!

When it comes to talent show competitions, the judges tend to be skeptical of all-male vocal groups — and I can’t seem to understand why. They always seem to bring down the house or give the audience something unexpected.

Of course, there’s a pretty big difference between “boy bands” and male choirs like this awesome group of teens. To me, “The Kingdom Tenors” are a perfect mix of both. In the following video, we see this group of a dozen young men take the Britain’s Got Talent stage for their audition. The men, ages 21–31, do a variety of things for their day jobs — there’s a car mechanic, a teacher and a bartender — among the strapping group, but they all have one thing in common: These guys aren’t just young and handsome, they’re seriously talented, and they know there is a unique value in what they have when they join together.

As you can see in the clip, the judges were a bit skeptical of the guys. I understand that a group of 12 male singers isn’t exactly easy to market to music fans, but once they reveal their song choice, it’s clear that these guys are more interested in performing than becoming pop stars. Their version of  Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” is nothing short of riveting and I think you’ll agree that these guys are worth a second listen.

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