13-Year-Old Boy Sings Incredible Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’


For just about everyone, being a teenager was an awkward time filled with uncertainty and confusion. But one boy has proven to the world that he has more confidence and self-assurance than people who are triple his young age!

Meet John-Robert Rimel; he’s only been on this planet for 13 years, but he’s the true definition of the term “old soul.” He loves a wide range of music and musicians, and along with his wonderful guitar skills, this boy has the voice of an absolute angel. Singing the famous Beatles tune “Yesterday,” this little boy amazes just about everyone who gets to meet him.

The Virginia native was asked to sing for his local news station, WHSV TV-3, and when people saw his raw talent, soon enough the phone calls started coming in.

People were so impressed by the young John-Robert that even Ellen DeGeneres asked him to come onto her show to perform. And when she saw his talent, she was honestly blown away by the pure skill this boy had. Along with his pleasant and respectful demeanor, just about everyone is falling in love with John-Robert.

Along with his amazingly supportive parents, this boy is certainly going to “go places.” Though he may be young right now, as he gets older, he’s only going to become more and more talented as he perfects his craft. We’re sure that he’ll be famous before you know it. Hopefully he stays humble and charming forever, and doesn’t let fame get to his head!

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