> 2 Pups Fall Into Pit With King Cobra – Cobra Protects Them For 48 Hours Before They’re Rescued

2 Pups Fall Into Pit With King Cobra – Cobra Protects Them For 48 Hours Before They’re Rescued


Nature can work in mysterious ways sometimes; just ask a couple of rescuers who managed to get these two adorable lost puppies out of a deep pit. There was just one catch, however, as the two young pups weren’t alone in that pit. A deadly and extremely venomous king cobra was already sitting there, but it didn’t act aggressively towards the two pups at all.

The state Punjab in India has a widespread problem of stray dogs wandering the area. It’s estimated that over thirty million dogs in India don’t have a home, and the Hindustan Times reports that the Punjab government counted a population of no less than 59,806 stray dogs in Punjab. Two of those stray dogs suffered a fate no one believed they would survive: an encounter with a king cobra.

Both local and international television channels reported the remarkable rescue.

Someone was just walking near the pit when an elderly dog started barking repeatedly. The female dog was looking for her children and seemed noticeably anxious and upset. She figured that her pups had fallen into the deep pit, but there was absolutely no way to get them out.

The stranger who found these two pups in the pit made the terrifying discovery that they weren’t alone in there.

Surprisingly, the snake didn’t pose a threat to the two pups at all. Although you’d expect an aggressive snake such as the king cobra to attack other animals, rescuers believe that he didn’t feel threatened by the two pups and probably wasn’t hungry. In fact, it was as if the king cobra wanted to protect these two.

The pit itself put the dogs in a more dangerous predicament. One half of the empty well was filled with soil that was extremely wet, and the puppies would risk getting stuck in there with no means of escape. Reportedly, the snake guarded the pups away from the dangerous spot for over 48 hours.

When rescuers finally arrived, the dangerous snake didn’t act aggressively at all. In fact, the rescuers claim that the snake actually moved away to the other side of the well so they could grab the puppies out safely.

Nobody was harmed – including the puppies and the snake.

After the rescuers made sure that the two pups were out safely, they wanted to release the king cobra as well. They managed to capture it and the snake was then set free in the woods.