3-Year-Old Vanishes From Home. 15 Hours Later, They See A Dog Crouched Over Her In The Woods


3-year-old Victoria wandered away from her home on a frigid February evening and got lost in the woods behind her house. The toddler thought her dog, Blue, went missing, and somehow she snuck outside to go find him.

The rural town of Cordes Lakes, Arizona was shaken. For 15 hours, Search and Rescue teams scoured the area. Finally, a helicopter spotted Victoria lying in a dry creek bed. Blue was right there next to her.

As it turned out, Blue — a Queensland Heeler who had been with Victoria since she was born — stayed by Victoria’s side all night as the temperatures dropped below freezing.

When the medics arrived, they immediately noticed Blue was protecting her and wouldn’t let strangers approach. But as soon as Victoria stood up and smiled, Blue relaxed and the two were sent up to safety in a helicopter.

Though she suffered from frostbite, Victoria’s family credited their faithful dog Blue with saving her life. The sheriff’s office spokesman said, “The dog kept her alert, warm and gave her companionship throughout a very cold night.”

We’ve seen the lengths our pets will go to to make sure we’re safe and sound, and Blue and Victoria will share a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Their story goes down in history as one of the most awe-inspiring acts of canine heroism.

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