> 8-Year-Old Writes Touching Yet Hilarious Letter About Grandparents

8-Year-Old Writes Touching Yet Hilarious Letter About Grandparents


The cool (and sometimes awkward) thing about children is that they rarely have a filter. That means that they’re prone to saying whatever’s on their mind without giving it a second thought. Think back to any weird and wonderful conversation you’ve had with an eight or nine-year-old… surely there is enough entertainment and comedy in that one conversation to create one of the funniest comedy shows (cue Kids Say The Darndest Things).

But usually, these strange and hilarious conversation consists of things such as, “Why do I have to invite girls to my party? or, “Ew! Boys are so gross! “. This child however, has gone above and beyond to write a brutally honest, giggle-worthy yet moving piece about grandparents. His insights are pretty spot-on and his honesty has actually given many something to think about… and this is how it all begins.

An eight-year-old boy was given an assignment for school. He was asked to write about grandparents. Instead of spewing out a few sentences about how much he loved his, he delve a bit deeper. His response looked like this:

Credit: Relay Hero

And this is exactly why we love to have the honesty and sheer innocence of a child in our everyday lives. Not only do they provide us with the unapologetic truth, but they also manage to see the world in a different way to adults.

Additionally, this kid has some serious potential in the world of comedy with his lines of, “It’s funny when they bend over; you hear gas leaks, and they blame the dog” and, “They wear glasses and funny underwear”. I mean, come on—we’re all thinking it, this kid just has the guts to say it. Good for you, kiddo.

But at the end of the day, this piece brings light to the sheer awesomeness of grandparents and how much they mean to children and adults alike. It’s safe to say that grandparents are like shining stars, guiding us with their wisdom and life lessons.

If you’ve got an amazing grandmother and/or grandfather, be sure to share this post with them—or even your family and friends, because it’ll surely brighten up their day.
Source: Metaspoon