85-yr-old man can’t retire after working for over 40 years at the same McDonald’s and the reason is heartbreaking


Wendall Gill is 85-years-old and has been working at the same McDonald’s in Lexington, Kentucky for over 40 years. Being employed by the same company for that long is unheard of these days.

Although most folks his age would have retired, Wendall was serving up more than hamburgers and fries. It wasn’t just pride and loyalty that kept him there. A longtime friend and former co-worker Todd Oldfield met with Wendall and discovered a very sobering story to say the least.

Todd had met Wendall in 1978 when he got his first real job at the same McDonald’s. Wendall was a middle aged man just trying to make ends meet. He had been working there for a little over a year and was the sweetest and mildest old guy you could ever meet according to Todd.

Todd also found out that not only does Wendall have bills to pay, but he also have something that most people his age don’t. He and his wife adopted their two special needs grandchildren. He and his wife of 68 years, Della, had always done it together until everything changed.

Della had a stroke in August of 2017 and passed away a few days after. To make matters worse, it happened right there in the very McDonald’s that he works in. Now when he comes to work, it is a constant reminder of his loss.

Still, Wendall works tirelessly for the love of his grandsons. Unfortunately, his meager income of $600 isn’t enough to take care of their needs, and with Della gone, Wendall doesn’t even have time to care for himself.

Todd quickly jumped into action when he heard Wendall’s story. He started a GoFundMe account to help Wendall get Della a nice headstone and pay off his van. He hoped that Wendall could even retire and spend time with his grandsons.

Thanks to social media, over $40,000 were donated to the account, and now Wendall has a few less things to worry about. This selfless man has spent his life serving others, and now he’ll finally be able to take care of himself.

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