9-Month-Old Baby Suffers Second Degree Burns From Water Hose


When the summer months get too hot to bear, it takes a little bit of creativity to be able to beat the heat while still having fun. Getting into the water in some way, shape, or form is the most obvious answer, but it turns out that sometimes it’s the water that can cause the heat to be a real dangerous situation.

An Arizona mom named Dominique Woodger wanted to find a way to cool off from the Phoenix heat with her 9-month-old son. She thought it would be a fun summer activity to bring out her son’s small plastic pool and fill it up with water for him to splash around in. She placed the baby in the dry pool tub and dragged over her green garden hose, pointing it directly at her son as she turned it on, thinking that the cool water would feel great on his overheated body.


However, her son thought otherwise and immediately began screaming. Dominique didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary as her son often hated getting water in his face, so she continued to fill up the small pool. Once she saw the marks on her son’s skin, though, she rushed to get him out of the water.

“All of it was peeling. He had blisters all over the right side,” the horrified mother said, according to KTLA. She quickly shut off the water source and realized she had just drenched her baby in scalding hot water that had badly burned his skin.



Since it was 115 degrees outside that day, it meant that the water in the hose had reached up to 150 degrees, which had scalded the young baby. Dominique was able to get medical assistance quickly, and her son is set to make a full recovery from his second degree burn. However, now Dominique is urging other parents to learn from her actions.

“Just be careful. Just touch the water before you spray — before you let your kids near it,” she said.

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