90% Of People Can’t Pronounce This Whole Poem. You Have To Try It


So, how good is your English? Well, it would be difficult to answer the question convincingly in a single sentence, isn’t it? You would be surprised to know that many inhabitants of English speaking nations themselves commit a lot of mistakes while conversing in the language. Is there a way to judge if a native English speaker is more flawless at this language than a person who belongs to the Eastern part of the world? Well, here is an exercise which will help you assess your prowess at the language. You might be familiar with poems, but here’s one which really tests your pronunciation skills. It has been claimed that a person who articulates each word of this poem in the right way is apparently way better than people who belong to English speaking nations. A man of French origin apparently struggled reading this and compared this exercise with labor. He added that he would prefer toiling in the sun rather than indulge in reading such difficult pieces of literature.

image: http://www.reshareable.tv/files/2015/11/1151.jpg