911 Dispatcher Takes Call From His Frantic Girlfriend, Then Realizes He’s Never Heard This Voice


In December 2015, it was reported that a Georgia woman was kidnapped, taken to a parking lot and brutally attacked. During the assault, her attacker forced her to do something both bizarre and disturbing — he forced her to call her boyfriend so that he could hear the assault taking place over the phone. Horrible.

But the victim brilliantly tapped into her survival instincts. Instead of calling her boyfriend, she secretly dialed 911 without her attacker knowing.

A senior operator named Deonte Smith answered the call, instinctually knew what the woman was trying to do and immediately played along as her “boyfriend.” All the while, Deonte couldn’t help but think of his own daughter, sister, and mother.

As upsetting as the situation was, Deonte knew he had to remain calm and professional to save this woman’s life. He even got on the phone with the attacker, playing along as “the boyfriend,” and tried coaxing him into stopping the assault while dispatching police to the scene.

Rather than calling himself a hero, Deonte is publicly thanking the victim for her bravery and quick thinking — but he’s also calling it divine intervention.

You see, had the victim called 911 just a few seconds later, Deonte would have been on his break. He was also the only operator on the floor that night.

The 27-year-old attacker was arrested by police. He now faces rape, false imprisonment and obstruction charges.

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