Adorable Pup Has Trouble Sleeping – But What Mom Does Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today


Some babies simply refuse to sleep unless they are held in the arms of their mother. It would appear that animals, apparently, also may have this temperament.

It all started for this loveable pup named Gus when he was just a puppy when he would snuggle up to his human mother, Sandy.

As most parents would, Sandy cuddled up with her infant pooch and would give him the comfort and reassurance to make him feel safe and relaxed as he fell asleep.

Her snuggles certainly worked… Too well you could say, as now Gus is 10 years old and refuses to use his dog bed. The little guy still continues to snuggle up with Sandy just as he did when he was a puppy to help him get to sleep.

This pampered pup even insists on being under the covers with her! Talk about a life of luxury. Gus doesn’t want a dog bed or pillow, he just needs his mummy for a good nights rest.

Even across species, the strong bond of sleeping side by side can be a powerful thing. Gus loves the time he gets to spend snuggling up with his favourite person… Sandy seems pretty happy with the arrangement too.

Who can blame her when you’re getting hugs from this adorable little creature as you doze off into the land of nod.

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