> Alyssa Milano Defends Breastfeeding In This Surprising ‘Wendy Williams’ Interview

Alyssa Milano Defends Breastfeeding In This Surprising ‘Wendy Williams’ Interview


Motherhood is very different than it was just a few decades ago. There are so many conflicting opinions on how to raise a child, how to birth a child, what to feed a child… the list goes on and on. You could read baby books for days on end and still have no idea which way is the right way. That may be because raising a child is, in so many respects, up to the mother. Even if people disagree about some things, it’s not always an issue, because the conflicting parenting happens within the privacy of the home.

But what about when parenting choices enter the public realm? One mind-bogglingly hot issue today is whether or not breastfeeding in public is acceptable. I would think that something as natural as feeding your baby should be a thing any mother can do, whenever and wherever she needs to. Some people seem to think otherwise, viewing a woman’s breasts as a primarily sexual part of her body. This is pure nonsense in my book, perpetuated by the degrading image that our society has of women. A woman’s breasts are a functional part of her amazing body, which is capable of creating and sustaining new life.

When Alyssa Milano, an advocate for unrestricted breastfeeding, appeared on Wendy Williams’ talk show, a surprising debate ensued. You can see that Milano was expecting camaraderie from the host… but received something entirely different. I am genuinely shocked by this. How do you feel?

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