Anderson Cooper Donates Lifesaving Vests For All K9s In The Virginia Police Department


Unless you don’t watch television, you probably know who Anderson Cooper is. A famous news anchor, Anderson Cooper has been staple in our news channels for the past decade.

Did you know however, that Anderson Cooper does more than just report the news?

That’s right, Anderson Cooper recently helped police in a special way that saved the lives of K9 units. Want to know what Anderson Cooper did? Read below to find out — trust me, you’ll love his kind deed!

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Anderson Cooper recently found out that a Krijger, a K9 dog from Norfolk, CT, perished in a shootout.


Anderson Cooper was heartbroken over this innocent loss of life.


Then Anderson Cooper had a brilliant idea.


To prevent such tragic deaths from happening again, Anderson Cooper proceeded to donate a bulletproof vest to every K9 dog in Norfolk.