These Ballerinas Took Their Places. When The Music Started? No One Expected THIS!


These professional dancers take their work very seriously — and that’s exactly what makes this performance so hysterical!

In the video below, you’ll see a talented ballet troop do something a little out of character to keep their audience on their toes. When people bought tickets to this performance, I bet they definitely didn’t expect to be laughing, but as you can see in the video, they were cracking up after a few seconds in.

These three ladies are actually three lovely mothers from the Step Up Dance Academy in Ellenbrook, Western Australia. Each year, their routine in the studio’s end-of-year concert is highly anticipated, and usually one of the most entertaining performances!

You probably don’t think about it while watching, but a “comedic” performance like this is actually very difficult to pull off. So in a way, this comical performance is completely perfect. What a hysterical way to have fun and take the ordinary to extraordinary.

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