> Boeing Saves Shelter Dogs’ Lives By Turning Them Into Bomb-Sniffing K-9′s

Boeing Saves Shelter Dogs’ Lives By Turning Them Into Bomb-Sniffing K-9′s


If you walk into any animal shelter, you’re bound to see a saddening number of sweet pups begging to be taken to their forever homes. While the problem persists, some agencies have created a solution that both helps dogs find a home and keeps us safe in the process.

Aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing came up with a cheap and simple way to keep more of its plane passengers safe and secure, and it involves our beloved doggie friends! Trainers like Melissa Larsen dedicate their time and energy to roaming shelters and finding dogs that suit the needs of the company. In this case, she loves the energetic pups who will stop at nothing to find a tennis ball she throws around during a test run.

When she finds the pups she wants to train, she takes them to Boeing’s K-9 training grounds where they play a few simple games that give them the skills they need to keep us safe. The pups begin to understand that dipping their noses into a can earns them a throw of a tennis ball as a reward. But inside the cans, Melissa keeps the scents she wants them to be able to pick up, the scents associated with different kinds of bombs. The pups quickly get a hang of the game and before they know it, their training is complete.

The program is so successful and money-saving that police K-9 units have taken up the same practices as Boeing’s shelter pups, some even training with them!

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