Boy Without Limbs Was Rejected At Birth, But God Led Him To His TRUE Mother


I dare you to watch this video and not walk away without believing that ANYTHING is possible.

Meet Gabe Adams. He’s just like your average high school student, only he is anything but ordinary. Gabe was born in Brazil without any arms or legs and was rejected by his mother, a tragic event that ended up being the best possible thing for the baby boy. As you’ll see in his incredible story, God had other plans for Gabe and led him to his true mother, a Utah woman who heard his story and knew she needed to adopt him into her loving family.

Although Gabe’s disability is a challenge, he doesn’t receive any special treatment at home or school in Utah. Gabe’s loving mother has brought the remarkable teen up to do everything on his own and be proud of his truly amazing accomplishments. His story is guaranteed to lift your heart and show you how the human spirit can make up for any challenges life delivers.

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