This Bridge Is So Scary, People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Drive Across It On Their Own.


As long as you’re always being careful, driving is generally a pretty dull, everyday thing. You go to work, you come home.

But all the way over in Japan, they do things a little differently, and when you see what some commuters have to go through every day, your palms will start to sweat.

The Eshima Ohashi bridge is one mile long and connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato in Japan. At first glance, it really looks like any other bridge. 


But then it turns into what only can be described as a roller coaster with real cars on it. This is an actual road that actual people have to drive on daily. 

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Can you imagine driving on this?! 

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The slope is supposedly safe to all drivers, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t terrifying. The bridge is designed like this because it needs to be tall enough to let large ships underneath. 

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Be safe, people!


I don’t think I’d have the guts to drive on it myself! How about you?

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