> Brownie Was Adopted As A Sickly Runt Kitten, What He Became Blew My Mind!

Brownie Was Adopted As A Sickly Runt Kitten, What He Became Blew My Mind!


Runts are often among the cutest pets, at least in this humble writer’s opinion. Their tiny bodies and faces just call for extra love and attention.

Justina Strumilaite fell in love with one particular runt. Brownie was a fuzzy kitten with only two toes on his right paw. He was so small that he even had difficulty eating.

There were serious concerns that Brownie would not survive.


Justina would not give up on him though. She nursed and cared for Brownie, giving him all the extra love and affection he needed. She even encouraged him to climb over his siblings to nurse.

Justina’s efforts paid off. Brownie soon started eating better and gaining weight.

At first, the runt of a kitten just looked like a raggedy clump of fur. Over time, Brownie began to get fluffier and fluffier and bigger and bigger.


Justina said that Brownie was “a hyper little ball of fur.” Now he is an enormous, majestic king of the house. Not only does Brownie not look like a runt anymore.

He looks like an unusually large cat, one that someone would likely make a meme out of. It is hard to believe that he started out so small and so sickly.


Brownie’s story illustrates to us all how important it is not to give up on each other. Sometimes we just need some extra love, affection and encouragement to survive whatever life throws at us.

Take a look at Brownie’s transformation in these photos. This really is one you have to see to believe.