Calamity Ensues When A Man Confronts This Woman Who Took The Handicapped Spot


It was all over a simple parking space. His plea was simple enough — he’s hoping that she’ll use a regular space next time she picks her daughter up from school — but his camera-in-face tactic might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for her. It wasn’t long until this California elementary school spat got a little ugly.

Maybe the handicapped parking laws are different where she’s from (she did have Tennessee plates), but in California, it’s against the law to use a handicapped spot without a placard. There might be a bit of lenience if she was truly in need of the spot and was missing her placard, but she’s perfectly able-bodied, and she’s obstructing the space for those who need it.
Be warned, slightly vulgar language and rude hand gestures feature in the video.

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