Camera Catches Dog Sneaking Into The Hospital, Turns Out She Was “On A Mission”


If you’ve ever been stuck in the hospital, you know how much it can mean to get a visit from somebody you care about. That’s why this dog is getting so much attention for her good deed.

Nancy Franck from Cedar Rapids, Iowa had to stay in the hospital after complications from her cancer surgery. It was hard on her husband and daughter, but even tougher on her miniature Schnauzers Sissy and Barney

Hospitals are still very strict about not letting members of our “fur family” visit us in the hospital, but rules are made to be broken. Sissy the Schnauzer wouldn’t let anything stand between her and Nancy.

The hospital’s security video, which shows Sissy sniffing around the medical center’s lobby, is just the tip of the iceberg.

The little dog went missing from her backyard 4 hours earlier, when Nancy’s husband let her out to use the washroom.

After that she had to cross between 15-20 blocks, traveling at least 2 miles to track down her owner.

Imagine how surprised Nancy’s husband was: he called the local animal shelter expecting the worst, only to get a call from the hospital telling him Sissy was safe and sound.


The determined dog did get to say hello to Nancy before being taken home, but she caused a lot of confusion first.

Nancy’s daughter Sarah Wood accused her of sneaking the dog into the hospital.

“No, she snuck herself in,” Nancy said according to KWWL, “she got in by herself too. So she was on a mission.”

There’s a long list of good reasons why pets aren’t allowed in hospital, but we’re glad this determined dog got an exception.

“It helped a lot,” Nancy said, “just to see her and talk to her.”

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