If You Can Spot The Letter C In This Image In Under 7 Seconds, You’re Smarter Than 99% Of Adults…


Everywhere you look online, you can find quizzes to put your vision skills to the test. Many people love to test how well they stack up against the majority of people up there when it comes to optical illusions or finding a hidden message in a picture.

Right now the hottest vision test out there is this one. It involves 18 rows and 26 columns filled with the letter ‘O.’

But inside all of those letters is one letter ‘C’ hidden in plain sight. Can you find it?

Most people are skeptical that they’ll be able to find the ‘C’ among the 468 letters in the image. But give it a go nonetheless. You might be surprised at your skill and vision aptitude.

If you go letter by letter, you’ll eventually find the ‘C.’ But since you have only 7 seconds to do it, that won’t be fast enough.


So how will you find the hidden letter in the dozens of rows in the image?

Can you find it? SHARE YOUR RESULTS in the comments now!