When These Children Got On Stage, The Judges Had No Clue They’d Be Doing This


Some kids are very talented, but these two are incredible; the chemistry they have is amazing, as is their skill. Yasha & Daniela are children, and you can see it when they are talking to the camera. Yasha says “When we grow up if we keep dancing like we are right now I think we are going to be boyfriend and girlfriend,” but Daniela says that he isn’t tan enough to be her boyfriend. They also talk about what they would do with one million dollars, and the answer is just as adorable as you think.

But as they both take the stage and the music starts, they transform. They begin to dance to a medley of songs, and when they do they surprised me with their prowess. Not only are they good dancers on their own, but they have amazing chemistry with each other on the dance floor, and by the end everyone is on their feet. They are obviously not world-class dancers when compared to adults, but since they are so young I have no doubt in my mind that if they keep this up they’ll be superstars.