Cleveland Cop Joins Strangers For Prayer Right Before The Republican National Convention


Being a police officer comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to be able to make split-second decisions about what is the best way to protect the citizens in your community.

Sometimes those decisions are difficult, but they are ones that every cop has to face in his or her time on the job. Until we achieve world peace, we will always need our men and women in blue.

When these three citizens were spreading a message of peace on the streets of Cleveland in preparation for the Republican National Convention, one police officer walked up to them.

The four of them stood in the middle of the street, holding hands in a circle, and prayed for peace.

We all know that this is what we need in our world right now, and it’s so great to see an authority figure join in with a group of citizens to say a heartfelt prayer together in the hopes that the upcoming convention and months ahead will run smoothly.

What happens after they say “Amen,” though, is what will really get to the core of your heart.

This is what America is all about, and this is what it means to be a citizen of the human race here on this Earth. If only we could see much more of this!

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