The Columbus Zoo And Aquarium Welcomes Two Adorable Baby Langurs Sure to Make You Melt


Tiny animal babies of all kinds always succeed in making me stop in my tracks to admire them, and possibly even hold them. I can’t walk by a pet shop with puppies on display without going inside for at least 15 minutes, and if I visit a friend with a pet, I end up spending more time with the pet!

So when I heard about the newborn langur babies at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, I had to seek them out for myself. And this footage only made me want to visit them in person even more! The birth of one of the babies on January 11 marks the zoo’s first birth of the year. The other was born over a month earlier, on December 1 — but this slight difference in age doesn’t prevent them from being inseparable!

The tiny play companions are bright orange in color now, but by six months, their coats with have the distinctive black color with white tips natural to the species.

Watch these babies cling to their moms, but affectionately move toward one another. Even their moms understand this friendship, and shoo away another langur to bring them closer together!

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