I Was Confused When He Dumped A Gallon Of Vinegar In His Toilet Tank. But What It Does? BRILLIANT


Whenever it’s my turn to clean the bathroom, I procrastinate until I reach the point when my pattern has to nag me to do it. Why? Because I absolutely hate cleaning the tub, toilet, and sink.

But after watching these 7 genius cleaning tricks from HouseholdHacker, I realized that cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be that hard.

Next time, I’m going to surprise my wife and clean everything in half the time! You can too, find out how below!

If you really want to clean your bathroom mirror, start by brewing a really strong cup of black tea. No you’re not taking a break, it’s a cleaning hack that is sure to make things better. Put the strong tea in a spray bottle then grab some newspaper instead of paper towel. Spray the dirtiest mirror in your house, then wipe. After two or three applications, you’ll be blown away.

If your shower is long overdue for a deep cleaning, grab yourself a dish wand. Then fill it with half vinegar and half dish soap. The result is quick and easy.

Want to get rid of those hard water stains from your faucet and other fixtures? This is perhaps the most natural solution yet. Grab half a lemon and rub it on the metal fixture.

One quick trick for cleaning your toothbrush holder or soap tray is to simply put it in your dishwasher during the next load. Let the machine do the heavy lifting for you!

Want even more bathroom cleaning hacks? You can watch the rest of the video below!

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