I Was Confused When He Dumps Rice All Over His Table. But When He Rubs A Stick On The Edge? NO WAY!


A video released earlier this year has recently gone viral on YouTube. In it, a young man shows viewers a certain kind of experiment. He has taken a cup of couscous, the pasta you can buy at the grocery store, and poured it randomly onto a square metal table. You are probably confused. But stick with me, because what he does next will send shivers down your spine.

After getting the random patterns of couscous spread out all over the table, the man takes his bow, which he usually uses to play his violin or cello, and rubs its horsehair strings against the edge of the metal table.

As you see, the random distribution becomes “decidedly unrandom” as the man in the video describes.

He pulls the bow against the edge of the table and the couscous actually do SNAP into attention and form a geometric pattern right before your eyes.

After giving us this demonstration, the young man goes into a detailed description about why this happens. As it turns out, the pattern of couscous is called a Chladni figure. Check out the video to see more information about this discovery’s history.

If you want to see more cool patterns, he goes back into the experiment at the 3-minute mark in the video. Watch him spread the balls of pasta around again and then rub the bow along the edge of the metal plate.

The patterns are mesmerizing!

Will you try this experiment at home? It is a great one to try with the kids!

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