> Cop Killer Is Brought Into Court Looking Like He Got Hit By A Truck, And Everyone Knew Why

Cop Killer Is Brought Into Court Looking Like He Got Hit By A Truck, And Everyone Knew Why


When Esteban Carpio, an accused cop killer, entered court he wore a mask that made the criminal unrecognizable. Although most of America despises him for the horrid crimes he is accused of committing, his family nearly fainted when they saw how badly he had been abused while in custody.

Although Carpio had received what he deserved for murdering cops, all his family could do was scream “police brutality” as they saw his abused and bloody face in the courtroom. But while their stating that is not a crime, the fact that they went on and on about it could have been. The judge would have been well within the line if they had been held in contempt of court – like this woman was when she didn’t stop laughing…

America, however, has no pity on the man with the destroyed face. Esteban Carpio has been caught killing cops. And the family and friends of Detective James L. Allen are still mourning the loss of a great man.

The incident was a tragedy. And it all could have been avoided if Carpio wasn’t a cold-blooded killer.

Carpio killed Allen when he fired the cop’s own gun point blank at the officer. During the incident, Allen and Carpio were not even fighting. The young man was being questioned about another matter when he suddenly lunged at the police officer’s firearm and turned it on the cop. With a twisted smile on his face, Carpio fired the gun point-blank at Allen and killed him.

The incident happened in Providence, Rhode Island while Carpio was in police headquarters. The incident happened around 12 am Sunday. The veteran officer was in the middle of questioning him about the stabbing of an 84-year-old woman.

Assistant Attorney General Paul Daly said in court that Carpio grabbed Detective Allen’s pistol while held in the third-story interview room. He shot the cop twice and then blew out the window with a third shot.

Carpio then jumped 60 feet to the grassy ground and fled. Fortunately, he was caught just 45 minutes later after getting into a violent struggle with police just a few blocks away.

When the cop killer was brought into court, his relatives gasped at his condition.

”Oh, my God, look what they did to him,” one of Carpio’s relatives said. They then added a vulgarity about the police officers.

During the hearing, Carpio tried to plead insanity. But the Judge shut that down immediately.

Deputy Chief Paul Kennedy said that officers often interview potential suspects at the police station without handcuffing them. At the time of the senseless shooting, Carpio was not even under arrest; he was only being asked a few questions.

”This man was not under arrest,” Kennedy said. ”People aren’t getting that.”

Detective Allen was a 50-year-old son of a retired police captain. He always impressed everyone he met with the stories about his children. He told them about how he would accompany his daughters to the father-daughter dances. He even took on a part-time job to pay for the girls’ private educations.

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