Cop Spots Something Peculiar About Homeless Man, Takes Immediate Action


When a homeless man was caught huddling on the corner of a sidewalk in Phoenix, Arizona, he was a bother to a number of citizens who were coming up to use the gas station. Although he didn’t hurt anyone, Phoenix citizens didn’t like the reminder that people are going through hard times in their state.

Because they didn’t like seeing the man, they called the police on him. When the cops came, one officer sensed something strangely familiar about the homeless man. But he couldn’t pin what the problem was.

When the officer finally realized what it was, he dropped to his knees in front of the homeless man and raised his hands up to him in front of stunned onlookers…

One man, Raymond Celaya, was in the area on Friday when this strange incident happened. Rather than offering a hand, he took out his camera and filmed the officer’s strange reaction. He recorded what he witnessed, which was shocking and startling.

When Phoenix Police Officer Mark Valenzuela had been called onto the scene, he approached the homeless man that was bothering other citizens. He was going to question the man and see what he was up to.

But then Officer Valenzuela looked down at the unidentified homeless man’s feet and took notice. He was stunned because the man was not wearing shoes, despite the cold temperatures.

Although Phoenix is generally mild in the winter, this January day was chilly and because the man had no shoes or socks, he was frigid and risked getting sick.

The homeless man had walked around the city barefoot for days and he couldn’t take another step. Without shoes, his feet had been ripped raw and he was in pain.

But it wasn’t the fact that the man didn’t have shoes that Valenzuela found familiar. He looked at his feet, and saw something else.

Valenzuela had the same shoe size as the homeless man. The realization sunk in. He had a pair of shoes that could fit the man.

Because Valenzuela had a job and could afford another pair, he knew his extra shoes would do much more good to the homeless man. So he took them out and put them on the man’s feet!

What proceeded was the definition of what a Good Samaritan is. The officer asked the vagrant to take a seat on the back of his car. He asked him to get comfortable, then he kneeled in front of the man and put a warm pair of socks on his feet and then the shoes.

Officer Valenzuela told the vagrant that his gift didn’t come from him, but from God.

“He was just very thankful. I could see a little bit of money in his pocket, he had some dollar bills and some change,” the kindhearted cop explained. “He wanted to pay me for the shoes and I just told him they were a gift from God.”

This cop’s dedication to protecting and serving his community is a gift from God.

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