> Couple Asks to Take Baby from Mom at Disney. When She Hears Why, Tears Roll Down Her Face

Couple Asks to Take Baby from Mom at Disney. When She Hears Why, Tears Roll Down Her Face


When Taylor Fisher, her husband, Chris asked a couple to take a photo of them with their son, Oliver in front of the Eiffel Tower at EPCOT’s World Showcase in Norway, they thought little of the strangers’ small act of kindness.

“They were very patient as Oliver did not cooperate during the picture taking and finally got a decent one. We said ‘thank you’ and went on our way,” Taylor remembered.

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However, the experience meant a lot to the strangers.

“Several minutes later the same man who had just taken our picture walked up to us, in tears, and asked if we had a moment. He promised he wasn’t creepy and introduced himself as Scott and his wife as Sally,” reads Taylor’s post on Facebook. The man told her that Oliver looked and acted a lot like their own son, a baby named Duke who passed away before his first birthday.

“Oliver reminded them so much of their little boy they asked to take him to Mouse Gear’s on a shopping spree for baby Duke’s first birthday,” wrote Taylor. “As a parent, and looking back on the moment, you would never think to just give your child over to perfect strangers but in that moment I was so overwhelmed with peace, a peace that only God can provide, that I handed my little boy over and watched as he held the hands of these two people whom my heart suddenly felt so connected with.”

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Of course, Taylor and Chris followed behind the couple, keeping an eye on Oliver as the couple held his hand and walked him through the park.

“When we got to the store, Sally held Oliver’s hand and led him to the toys. I watched her eyes turn from sadness to joy every time Oliver smiled at her. I watched the sorrow turn to hope each time Oliver picked up a toy and hugged her thank you. As Oliver reached “up, up” I watched Scott’s pain start to fade as he held Oliver and wept into his head,” Taylor remembered.

Taylor was touched by the way that the couple healed from their grief through being so generous towards young Oliver. They continued buying him “way too many toys,” until the four adults met in the center of the store, where they held each other, praying.

“God’s presence was so real and we worshiped and praised him for his ultimate design, for it was only God who could have brought us together,” said Taylor. “As we left, Sally told us that she prayed that God would send her closure and tonight was her gift from God. After tonight she could start to move on. To heal.”

If you find this story heartwarming, you certainly aren’t alone. Since posting about it on Facebook, Taylor Fisher’s story has gone viral.

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