Couple Photographs Their Cats During Dinner Every Night To Show The Mischief They Get Up To


For all of its drudgery, your daily routine is chock-full of rewarding experiences, however small: the warmth you feel while taking the first sips of your morning cuppa; making every green light on the way to work; getting the rare—but satisfied—nod of approval from Mr. Boss after you delivered your monthly report. Still, nothing quite compares to walking through the door, kicking off your shoes, and fixing yourself a hearty, home-cooked meal.

That said, after a long day, it’s absolutely no fun to watch someone else enjoy their dinner when you haven’t had yours yet. It’s like a small form of visual torture! Just ask a couple of cats who live in Japan named Oko and Hachi. The only thing bigger than their stomachs are their eyes when they spy something delicious on the dinner table.

They even have an Instagram account to document all their antics. When you see their oh-so-relatable photos, you’ll be as in love with them as they are with the food they’re yearning for!

Two cats in Japan are making waves with their Instagram profile, which hilariously documents their hunger while their owners prepare dinner. Here we see Oko (left) and Hachi (right) in their natural environment, a.k.a. just on the edge of the dinner table.


These two famished felines are forced to endure the torture of watching their owners enjoy all sorts of delicious meals.