> A Craftswoman Breaks A Mirror To Make This Year's Must-Have Christmas Decoration

A Craftswoman Breaks A Mirror To Make This Year’s Must-Have Christmas Decoration


If you’ve been browsing the depths of the Web to find an artificial Christmas tree sale, your strategy might be all off. Christmas holiday decor is easy to find this time of year, but DIY Christmas projects embody the holiday spirit in a way that bargain bin decorations can’t. Compared to the DIY project below, artificial Christmas trees just don’t hold a candle.

While it might be hard to imagine your home void of a tree-like presence during the holidays, that’s what Americans must have been thinking half a century ago when “the artificial Christmas tree (came) into prominence in America,” as noted by Artificial Plants and Trees.

The transition from natural to artificial was likely met with eye rolls, especially considering how much better looking (and smelling!) the real ones are when compared with the fakes. Even with the lack of visual and olfactory splendor, the sheer ease of an artificial tree had consumers sold. A Duke University blog post notes that by 2002, 48 percent of U.S. households had fake trees. When compared to the 21 percent of households with real trees, it’s safe to call this game won.

Let’s speak objectively for a second — if big bushy trees actually looked good in living rooms, their presence wouldn’t be relegated to the holiday season. A little greenery is great in any space, but a massive spruce tree is almost nobody’s idea of chic. That might be a tough pill to swallow for those still attached to the thought of bringing the forest into your home, but perhaps the decoration below might be evocative enough to suppress your appetite.

The mother-daughter design duo in the clip below don’t pitch their concept as an alternative to Christmas trees, but I see it as the perfect solution. It’s a great family project, and the end product is something that anyone would be proud to display in their home.

Considering how consumers were able to make the switch from real trees to fake ones, the notion that they’d switch from a fake tree to a tree-inspired decoration shouldn’t come across as too outlandish — but what do you think?

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