Creative film shows what life would be like if dogs could talk – this really hits home


There is a point in every dog’s life where they have to say goodbye to their loving families, and it is always hard. How do you say goodbye when you can’t actually say it? This video is for anyone who has ever had to part with their furry friends and has ever wondered what they were thinking. (Hint: grab some tissues.)

Titled If I Could Talk, this short film directed by Shawn Welling and written by Mark Glavin is an unique take what would happen if dogs could actually say how they feel. We all know dogs as “man’s best friend,” but what happens when they can vocalize their feelings in addition to expressing them through actions?

It’s no secret that dogs are angels on earth. We often hear of stories where dogs rescue humans from the abyss of life by showing them there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A dog is a loyal companion that will always put you first, and this video really hit home for me.

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