This adorable little dog has just one special Christmas wish during his favorite holiday, and he’s doing everything he can to get on the “nice” list this year for Santa’s approval!

While he’s certainly been a good dog for the most part, there have been a few moments where he didn’t necessarily have to track in mud all over mom’s brand new carpets. But that’s her fault for not getting wood floors anyways!

The video starts with a particularly cute looking long-haired Jack Russell Terrier mix getting his adorable little dog house all set up. While his home is certainly beautiful to look at, it becomes very clear that he seems to be in quite a frantic state.

As he continues to scan the skies it becomes more and more apparent that he’s waiting for none other than Santa Claus himself! He sets up some cookies and even some milk for the Jolly old man; but as the hours pass, this little puppy’s patience gets thinner and thinner.

Eventually, this adorable dog eats a few of the (doggie) cookies, and finally he ends up falling asleep. But thankfully, Santa leaves him a bone before taking a cookie for himself.

This adorable video is a reminder that everyone should follow their special dreams and goals, not just during the Christmas season, but also for the whole year!

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