> Dad Busts Out Some Classic Dance Moves At Outdoor Concert

Dad Busts Out Some Classic Dance Moves At Outdoor Concert


Dance like nobody’s watching…

Last weekend, a young man named Andy attended the Island Beats concert festival at Thorpe Park in the UK. A band called The Vamps was onstage performing, and the crowd seemed rather low-key — but the second Andy caught a glimpse of a man in a blue Polo shirt, he knew this moment needed to be recorded for prosperity.

This dad in the blue shirt, who still remains anonymous, is caught tearing up the dance floor like nobody’s business. His moves are so amazing that the video quickly went viral. People all over the world are delighted by this guy’s confidence, energy, and dance skills. “I’d love to know what it’s like to be that happy, even just briefly,” one commenter says. Another writes, “This guy is like 3 times older than what I am and has way more moves than I do…”

The Robot? Check. Moonwalk? Check. This guy is chock-full of all the classic moves. Whether or not you think this guy is a good dancer, that’s not the point. He literally has no care in the world, and I love it!

I think the biggest question, though, is if he has kids nearby. Perhaps the girl in the denim jacket who keeps looking over her shoulder in embarrassment? We may never know, but one thing’s for sure — this man is my new hero.

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