Redditor RowAndCo seems to have a knack for woodworking. The father of one recently took to the popular news and social networking site to display his most recent DIY project. Inspired by a number of projects he’d seen online, the man got to work on a backyard fort. What started with a run to the lumber yard soon became something that every child dreams of.

Dad started by making cuts to the lumber and laying out the foundation in his garage, before moving to the back yard where the fort would go. RowAndCo detailed the project in an imgur album, which can be seen below, and discussed some of the obstacles that come from working alone. However, Dad didn’t let anything stop him from fulfilling his vision.

Click through the album to see this project progress, and be sure to let us know what you thought. If you were as impressed as were, share the article with your family and friends on Facebook!


First lumber run. I mostly winged my material list so I probably made a total of 5 trips to HD throughout the project which was okay considering I would only be able to work in 1-2 hr increments for a few weeks.


First cut. No turning back now.


To give an idea of how little “shop” space I have. A one car garage filled with crap. 2 year old for scale.


I framed the wall sections and rafters and made all my remaining cuts for the frame and decking before the groundbreaking.


I had a square dug out from a previous sand box. An evil neighborhood cat used it as his litter box. If I ever run into that dude in a dark alley….


Dug the post holes 14″ deep, poured the quikrete, set the posts and deck frame.


Floor planks installed.


Back and side walls up and secure. I was pretty happy with how level and square everything was turning out.


Roof up! This was easily the most difficult part considering I had no help for this project. Well aside from this workhorse.


1″ x 4″ wall planks installed.




Inside view of the steel panel roof. Simple but I like the look.




I had drawn up a couple designs for the guard rails but decided this was a bit fancy (and time consuming) for the kiddo’s fort.



Decided to go with a simpler and contemporary look.


Stairs built. I wanted something easier for a 2 year old to maneuver than a ladder. I think they work pretty well.


Also added some red mulch to fill in the dirt.


He’s pretty excited so far.



All deco’d up thanks to a couple of mom’s design choices.


I was definitely inspired from a few forts online but did not use any specific plans to start with. Overall we’re both pretty happy with the outcome!


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