Demonic child screams and runs around plane for entire 8 hour flight


With the air travel, long distances seem short now. Thanks to this great techology, we can travel to the end of the world in short time. However, the process to get on flight is, most of the times, stressful. You have to get to the airport, go through the security gate, do the check-in and finally board the plane.

After this long ordeal, you wish nothign will happen to affect the flight and you will be able to get a peaceful flight. Right?

Now, you’re sitting and relaxing in your seat, maybe trying to read, listening or watching something, or maybe trying to sleep. Then a kid is throwing a temper tantrum.

It’s understanble that kids who are not used to flying often act up, at least to some extent. Parents, at this moment, will try to calm them down and do their best so other passengers won’t be annoyed. However, what you’re about to witness in the video below posted by one gentelman is an extreme case where a kid was throwing a tantrum during a long-haul flight.

Shane Townley is the man who captured the insane meltdown on video. He was on a flight that was leaving Germany to land in the United States. This particular flight is an eight-hour long journey. It is obviously taxing for anyone, adult or child.

However, this flight was even worse due to a mother who had her very loud and rowdy three-year-old son with her.

Screenshot From Townley’s Video

It started before the plane had gotten off of the runway.

In the video, you can see the little boy up on the top of the seats. A little bit after that, the mother can be heard talking to a flight attendant about having the Wi-Fi turned on quicker. She wanted to distract him with an iPad.

The small child blew off some steam by running up and down the plane aisle for a little bit. You can tell this only worked for a little while. Soon, he began to scream and yell again. This was obviously tough for everyone on the plane.

The plane finally landed in Newark, New Jersey. While we all may have a very instinctively negative reaction when we watch the video, think about a few things. For one, Townley says that the mother never tried to do anything to stop the child from acting up, but we can only see what he has allowed us to see in his recording.

Alos, the airline released a statement to The Daily Mail that the crew, “worked around-the-clock to de-escalate the situation, tend to all passengers and assist the mother,” they also insisted that other passengers on the plane were “understanding of the situation.”

Townley described the child as “demonic sounding” and stated that he was obviously “addicted to technology.” Other commenters on the video which has now been viewed more than 10 million times said that the little boy could have behavioral problems.

While Townley said this lasted the whole eight-hour flight, the video itself is under ten minutes long and there is not sufficient evidence to determine the child screamed the entire eight hours.

What are your thoughts on the video? Was Townley right for uploading the clip to the internet? Let us know in the comments below and then pass this along to others so they can join in on the discussion!