> Desperate Homeless Kitten Crashes A Live News Broadcast Looking For Help

Desperate Homeless Kitten Crashes A Live News Broadcast Looking For Help


The evening news can be full of surprise moments. You never know when an anchor will miss a teleprompter’s cue or when a reporter on the scene will run into a colorful cast of characters.

However, sometimes these hilarious moments don’t even feature the news anchors or the reporters who work for the station! Every once in a while, the funny flub involves a furry friend.

Nima Shaffe, reporter for Detroit’s WXYZ, recently found himself in just this kind of unexpected situation on live television. Last week, Nima was on the streets reporting on a segment for National Gun Safety Week. That’s when he heard a strange noise…

For Nima Shaffe, a reporter for Detroit’s WXYZ news team, it was business as usual. He and his crew were positioned outside of a local business to cover a breaking story. What Nima never expected was to hear the tiny mewing of a young kitten at his feet…

What an adorable surprise! Nima, an experienced reporter, didn’t let the discovery throw him off of his game for even a second. He quickly scooped up the kitten and introduced his adorable find to everyone who was watching at home.

Facebook / Nima Shaffe

The kitten, later nicknamed “Lucky Seven” after her good fortune and the news station, was taken to the Humane Society of Huron Valley to await adoption. Thanks to her surprise appearance on live TV, there are quite a few folks interested! Talk about a lucky break.

Facebook / Nima Shaffe

Nima mistakenly called Lucky Seven a boy, but it was later confirmed that the kitty was female—and she seemed to love being on camera. But she didn’t let fame go to her head; once she was cleaned up and fed at the shelter, this little’s kitten behavior was nothing but sugar, spice, and everything nice!

Humane Society of Huron Valley

If you want to learn more about Lucky Seven, the bravest little feline photo-bomber ever to saunter right up to a reporter and demand attention, that you absolutely must watch the video posted below. Here’s the moment she made her debut TV appearance…