> Detective Fosters Two Brothers, but Months Later They Come Face to Face in The Courtroom

Detective Fosters Two Brothers, but Months Later They Come Face to Face in The Courtroom


Jack Mook is a by-the-book, no-nonsense, 22-year veteran of the force. Mook is one man you don’t want to be sitting in a courtroom with. But for two young Pittsburgh teens, being in a courtroom with Detective Jack Mook was the best day of their lives!

Jack was a single bachelor, enjoying life on his own. In his spare time, he’s volunteering at Steel City Boxing Gym teaching the sport to underprivileged kids in his neighbourhood.

Two kids who were regular attendees at the gym were Jesse and his older brother Josh. The brothers put in 110% and the pair bonded with Jack and the feeling was mutual.

But one day, the brothers hadn’t appeared at the gym so Jack went to find them.

Then he realised the brothers were living with a neglectful foster family and were being abused. Mook knew that he had to do something, so he called in a few favours and took matters into his own hands.

Jack managed to get Josh and Jesse into a new home… His.

Mook never thought he would have kids and enjoyed the single life. But taking these boys in changed his life for the better and he shows no signs of turning back.

In fact, Mook went a step further and took the boys to court… And adopted them.

Jack Mook is a true hero and has since had a lot of attention from the ladies since his first interview.

But his family wouldn’t stay as a 3 forever. Watch the video below to find out what happened after he adopted the boys.

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