> When This Dog Died In 1935, An Entire Village Mourned His Loss

When This Dog Died In 1935, An Entire Village Mourned His Loss


Dogs are loved for many special reasons. They protect us, keep us company, lift our spirits when we’re down… There’s a reason why they’re referred to as “man’s best friend.”

But of all their many wonderful traits, their loyalty might be the most beautiful of all. Like the most dutiful, loving companions, dogs stick by our sides through thick, thin, and everything in between.

However, until I read this heart-wrenching story, I had no idea that dogs were capable of this kind of love and dedication. Though I’ve come across many touching stories of four-legged love in my time, nothing has tugged at my heart strings quite like this gorgeous tale…

And though it takes place in Japan nearly 100 years ago, this story still resonates with people around the world today. In fact, this sweet little dog is revered as a hero — and his memory is honored every year.

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Flickr/Shizuka Sama

In Tokyo, Japan, outside the very busy Shibuya Station, there sits a bronze dog whose name you’ve probably never heard of — but in Japan, is revered as a national hero.



His name is Hachiko, and nearly 100 years ago, this sweet Akita went down in local history for being the most loyal, loving dog to ever live.



Hachiko was born on a farm in 1923. There, he was quickly adopted by a kind and caring man named Professor Hidesaburo Ueno.

Every day, the man and his pup would walk to the Shibuya train station, where the Professor would buy his ticket, pet Hachiko goodbye, and board the train.

There Hachiko remained in the busy station, eagerly awaiting his master’s return in the afternoon.


Japan Daily Press

As he waited for his loving master, Hachiko quickly became a neighborhood favorite. When they passed through the station, workers and travelers would stop to pet and feed the sweet dog.

This routine continued for many years — until one fateful day, Professor Ueno did not return at his normal time.

Unbeknownst to Hachiko, his beloved friend had passed away from a brain hemorrhage. He would not be returning on that afternoon train.



But Hachiko never gave up hope. Every afternoon, at the exact same time each day, Hachiko would appear in the train station, hoping to see his master walk through the busy terminal.

This continued for many, many years — until finally, in 1935, sweet Hachiko passed away.

Locals poured forth to pray over the loyal dog’s body, mourn his loss, and honor his memory.



By that point, Hachiko was so beloved by locals that they couldn’t bear the thought of burying him.

Instead, his body was lovingly preserved and put on display in a famous Akita museum. This way, he could be remembered and honored for all of time.



But the locals wanted to do more. In memory of the precious dog and his unflinching loyalty, a bronze statue was also erected.

It was put on display outside the Shibuya train station, in the exact spot where Hachiko awaited his master each day.



Beside Professor Ueno’s grave, a monument was also erected in Hachiko’s memory. In this way, Hachiko and his loving master could be together forever.


Flickr/Shizuka Sama

But the community didn’t stop there. People were so touched by Hachiko’s loyalty, love, and dedication, they decorated the train station in his memory.



They also named one of their train lines the Hachiko Line.



Now, despite Tokyo’s many parks and meeting places, Hachiko’s monument is one of the most popular and beloved spots in the area. It’s often packed with people relaxing, posing beside his statue, or just stopping by to say “hello” to the bronze pup.


Flickr/Antonio Tajuelo

To this day, Hachiko’s memory is annually honored in a ceremony just for him. Thousands of people come forth to remember this dog’s eternal love.



And very recently — nearly nine decades since Hachiko’s passing — another statue was erected in honor of this beautiful story.

Outside of the university where Professor Ueno taught, the two friends have finally been reunited in an eternal display of their love.

Tons of people came out to attend the statue’s reveal, happy to witness this beautiful reunion.



Hopefully, the beautiful story of Hachiko and Professor Ueno will forever be honored and preserved.

The love and loyalty of this little dog deserve to be remembered for all of time.