> Dog Is Ecstatic When He Discovers Brooklyn Water Fountain

Dog Is Ecstatic When He Discovers Brooklyn Water Fountain


Dogs love to drink from the hose, especially during summertime, but when you have an entire water fountain to drink from, then things get really exciting!

One energetic pooch was in for the treat of a lifetime when he came across a huge water fountain at a museum in Brooklyn, NY.

Not only could he cool off, but he could also quench his thirst while showing off his agility. The water jets simultaneously shoot up in the air, and then stop and resume every few seconds.

We’ve been in awe of canine capabilities when it comes to water sports, as well as their comical playfulness in water fountains, including an adorable dog that wanted to cool down when his owner installed a water fountain in the backyard, and a dog who also couldn’t contain himself when he saw a synchronized water fountain.

The dog keeps jumping up really high in the air to catch the tall water spouts, and then he circles around and takes off again.

He draws a crowd in what becomes an “aerial” dog show as he practically takes flight! (He must be great at playing frisbee!)

It’s always so wonderful to see a dog who is well taken care of and happy, and it’s quite obvious that this fur-baby has an amazing forever home!

Watch this happy pooch jump for joy and chomp the tall water spouts. It’s hilarious!

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