Dog Rushes To The Rescue After She Spots A Stranded Creature On The Beach


Dogs and humans have a special connection that goes far beyond the need for nuanced verbal communication. Sure, dogs can often understand the commands that we give them, and we can certainly hear them bark. Still, for countless generations there’s been a sort of sixth sense between us and our four-legged friends that we can’t quite explain.

This connection isn’t just limited to dogs and humans, either. Throughout the animal kingdom, various creatures have proven that they don’t need to speak to each other in the same way that humans communicate in order to get along well.

With that in mind, it didn’t take long for Leia the dog’s owner to realize that something was wrong when she started barking during their day at the beach. What happened next made Leia a hero!

Leia the dog was having a great day with her human at Criccieth Beach off the coast of Wales. So when she started hastily walking ahead of her owner, he initially didn’t think much of it.

After all, it was fairly common for her to chase a particularly good smell while he snapped photos. Yet when he heard the sound of her frantic bark carrying over the crashing waves, he knew something was really wrong.


After the man ran toward Leia’s cries, he spotted just what the commotion was all about… and realized how dire the situation truly was. Can you see what the problem was here? Leia certainly did…

You’re definitely not going to want to miss the incredible moment when Leia’s owner realized what Leia had been trying to tell him. What the man did next made both him and Leia heroes…


There’s no telling what would have happened to this baby dolphin if Leia had not seen him. Despite the fact that dolphins are mammals and breathe air, they still need the water in order to survive.

The baby dolphin must have been relieved to finally be able to move around again, and hopefully he’ll be able to find his family again soon, too. Without Leia, though, he may not have lived at all!

Is there anything better than animals caring for one another? Without Leia, that poor baby dolphin most likely wouldn’t have stood a chance. Let’s get that doggy a medal!

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