> Dogs Abandoned At Dog Park With All Their Toys – And The Saddest Note Ever

Dogs Abandoned At Dog Park With All Their Toys – And The Saddest Note Ever


The pair of dogs were only a year old.

One afternoon, a woman named Mona Ahmed, who is also the manager of Woodward Dog Park located in Fresno, California, received a distressing phone call from a good Samaritan. Someone notified her that there were two Siberian Huskies dumped in a spot located in the dog park itself. Ahmed initially thought that they were simply two lost dogs – after all, someone would come back to get them eventually. However, the two Huskies weren’t just dumped there – they had all of the belongings with them, along with a handwritten note.

The note read: “Our names are Jada (black) and Layla (brown). We are nice 1-year-old dogs. Please don’t split us up. Layla gets scared without her sister.” Ahmed rushed to the spot where the two were reportedly found, and there were the two abandoned Huskies, Layla and Jada. They have been in the dog park for at least a grueling three hours, scared and confused. The Samaritan who phoned Ahmed stated that she had seen a woman earlier, and watched her leave the huskies behind, with a ‘I’ll be right back” excuse.

Unfortunately, the Husky sisters weren’t the first pair of dogs to be left behind in Woodward Dog Park. Along with the sisters, at least 13 other dogs were similarly abandoned – and Ahmed was left with the responsibility to re-home all of them.

Ahmed is also the founder of animal rescue group Fresno Furry Friends, which also offers spaying and neutering services for abandoned pooches. Meanwhile, Ahmed immediately placed Jada and Layla under her care, and had successfully located a loving foster home for the two.

The husky sisters were neither spayed nor micro-chipped, either. This meant an emergency trip to the local veterinarian. Thankfully, both dogs were found to be good health.

Today, both Jada and Layla were on the way to obtaining a forever home – with their foster mother!

“As Ahmed states, the Huskies’ foster mother is “very interested in keeping them” – and this was great news for Ahmed!

Jada and Layla still visit the Woodward dog park – and they would never have to worry about losing their home ever again.