The Dog’s Instructed To Bring Home The Cat, But Just Watch How He Does It


If you have your own dog, you might have managed to train it to follow some commands. Usually, these consist of things like; paw, roll over or even, jump!

A lucky few, though, have the skills to take their dogs tricks to new heights! Such as, getting them to collect the mail, take the trash out and even to go fetch them another beer from the fridge.

If you’re impressed that the above are actually possible, prepare to be bamboozled by the video below, honestly!

A Russian woman has apparently actually trained her dog to bring in the cat, yes, the CAT!

Now, while I’m sure you’re impressed enough as it is, it gets better! How I hear you ask… well, the cat is actually bigger than the dog!

Seemingly undeterred by the task at hand, the dog has its own methods down to an art and swiftly fetches his feline friend and proceeds to bring it right back to his owner.

Just wait till you see how it does this, it’s nothing short of sensational!