> It Was Her Dog’s Last Day, So She Gave The Dog The Best Farewell Ever

It Was Her Dog’s Last Day, So She Gave The Dog The Best Farewell Ever


A dog is always more than just a pet. When you’ve spent a significant amount of your life with a dog, they become family, and there’s no doubt that dogs also think of us as family. Dogs are very loyal to their owners and anyone who has ever been good to them, and they are often more than ready to give love and compassion to whoever needs them.

But sadly, our little furry friends often have a shorter journey through this life than we do. Everyone can agree that one of the hardest moments of a person’s life could be those in which that person has to say goodbye to his or her dog.


But regardless of how hard saying goodbye can be, this kindhearted dog owner decided that she had to put it behind her to give her dog an amazing farewell.

Alyson Page, 31 year old mother from Leigh, was shocked and saddened when her St. Bernard, Sophia, was diagnosed with bone cancer, and the vet told the family that Sophia’s case was untreatable and she would have to be put down.


According to Mrs Page, Sophia was such a huge part of their family, having helped them get through many tough times. So she wrote to the Chill Factore indoor ski center in Manchester, asking them if they would let Sophia play in the snow one last time, since she loved snow so much.

Luckily, Chill Factore replied to her email a day before Sophia was scheduled to be put down, and it was amazing, because Sophia got a chance to do what she loves before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

It’s truly heartwarming to watch, we are so glad the people at Chill Factore let Sophia play with the snow.


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