Domino’s Pizza Cashier Pays For Police Officer’s Lunch To Say ‘Thank You’


Most of the time, it’s our police officers who look after us, our well-being, and our safety. They go beyond the call of duty like this generous cop, who paid for a new pair of shoes for a homeless man out of his own pockets.

Some citizens repay them by sending officers little trinketsto remind them how much they are appreciated. But others find more subtle ways to say “thank you.”

A cashier at a Kenton County, Kentucky Domino’s Pizza parlor has found a great way to show her thanks. Ashley Calvert told her husband one day that she made a decision: She would pay for the meal of the next cop who walked in during her shift. She wanted to recognize the hard work of these men and women because she comes from a family with several members in law enforcement.

The cop who received the free meal was Officer Paul Roemer, who was in the middle of a shift when he stopped to grab a meal at the Domino’s. He was surprised by the kind gesture, and after insisting that is wasn’t necessary, he let her pay for his food. He says the gesture left him with a smile on his face!

But that wasn’t all Ashley did: Her boss says that she’s extended this gesture of ‘thanks’ to more than one officer. When he found out about her actions, he confronted her. Instead of reprimanding the employee, he thanked her, as his father was a cop who was killed in action 43 years ago.

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