> Donald Trump Jr. receives permit to hunt and kill grizzly bear in Alaska

Donald Trump Jr. receives permit to hunt and kill grizzly bear in Alaska


Donald Jr., USA president Trump’s son, has been recently granted permission to hunt and kill grizzly bears in Alaska,  according to reports.

The president’s eldest son is an avid hunter and has made several trips to hunt in Alaska and Canada. He is scheduled to go to Alaska later this year to hunt deer and ducks.

He was one of three people who applied for 27 spots for non-resident hunters targeting grizzlies in a designated region of north-western Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, said Eddie Grasser, the wildlife conservation director for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The cost involved in reaching the hunting location, coupled with the remoteness of the area, meant only two other people applied for this specific permit, according to Rick Green, spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Non-residents were responsible for hunting no less than 11 bears in the region throughout 2019, while resident hunters accounted for a further 40.

Trump Jr.’s licence will be valid from August 1 to May, 2021, while he must be accompanied by a licensed Alaskan guide as a mandatory condition.

The grizzlies he will be hunting, also known as brown bears, grow larger here than they do elsewhere due to an abundance of vegetation and salmon.

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has confirmed Trump Jr. wasn’t given a “dignitary” hunting permit – often handed out to important figures from other states, including ambassadors and members of the first family.

Trump Jr. caused a stir last year when he killed an endangered sheep in Mongolia. On that occasion, it’s said the president’s son “shot his argali at night, using a rifle with a laser sight.”

As per reports, Trump Jr. benefitted from a loophole in the law that usually protects the animals as one of Mongolia’s national treasures.

Why do people have to hunt the majestic creatures we share this planet with simply for entertainment?

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