> Don’t Listen To Expiration Dates On Food Labels

Don’t Listen To Expiration Dates On Food Labels


This fascinating story comes from our friends at AOL.

Each year, people throw away thousands of dollars’ worth of food. Most consumers use expiration dates as an indicator of food safety, but they aren’t always what they seem.

According to the National Resource Defense Council, the “Sell by” dates do not indicate whether foods are safe to eat — it simply predicts how long an item should be kept in stock. 

Other variations such as “Use by” and “Best by” typically means the date the manufacturer predicts the product has reached peak freshness. It does not indicate spoilage.

So When Does Food Actually Go Bad?

A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to when you purchased or opened the food, rather than what the packaging says.

Read on to find out what the real expiration dates are for some of your favorite foods.