> Drone Flies Over Wind Turbine. Captures Incredibly Rare Event That Has Everyone Cracking Up

Drone Flies Over Wind Turbine. Captures Incredibly Rare Event That Has Everyone Cracking Up


Having a drone means that you get to explore the skies and see things that you usually wouldn’t! That’s exactly what this drone owner aimed to do when he set up his gear in Rhode Island.

In their mind, the beautiful scenery and waterfront properties would be perfect to capture and share for the world to see! Little did they know what they were about see while scaling up the side of a wind turbine would be so shocking!

Now the operator’s footage is going viral for one hilarious reason…


The operator flew his drone around the waterfront area and noticed that a door was open at the bottom of a wind turbine! Maybe the wind blew it open, or maybe someone was working on the mechanics inside of the turbine! This little detail piqued their interest and they decided to investigate things further.

Whatever it was, this operator wanted to get to the bottom (rather the top) of things!

As they started to fly the drone along the tower of the wind turbine, the sheer size of it really started to come into play. Whoever or whatever was inside of the turbine sure was brave…


As the operator climbed higher and higher, they started to notice something moving at the top of the turbine! Maybe it was a bird, plastic bag or small animal – but then the true object came into view!

There, above the rest of the world, was a man laying down on the top of turbine! Even though he was more than 200 feet high, he found the most peaceful place to sunbathe! Thankfully, the drone didn’t scare the man and he sat up to give the camera a big wave!


It’s not everyday that you spot a sunbather chilling up more than 20 stories above the Earth! This was his perfect hiding spot to get away from the stresses of life and now he was busted!

Hopefully he was a maintenance employee and knew how to safely rest atop the turbine – no one else should attempt this type of thing!


Take a peek at this brave sunbather for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. He must have nerves of steel!