Echo The Parrot Shines With Funny Impressions on AGT


Television shows such as Australia’s Got Talent to show various entertainment programs during the listening process. If someone sings, dances, or tells a funny joke, they are sure to give you something to talk about, especially when it comes to the talking bird.

Sarah Hoft is a Minneapolis resident who brought her pet, Echo, to the America’s Got Talent auditions. Echo is a 15-year-old beautiful double-yellow headed amazon. The judges of the show had no idea what they were about to see.

Echo begins to speak simple phrases such as his name, “hello” and some phrases in Spanish. All Sarah has to do for Echo to sing is say the first word of the song. Saying “old”, Echo starts singing “Old MacDonald”.

A talented bird gives the impression of cats, dogs, sneezes, and even laughs cheerfully. Judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osborne applaud the impressive bird and his favorite trainer.