> Elderly Woman Is Ignored In ER. Suddenly, Military Man Approaches And Asks 1 Question

Elderly Woman Is Ignored In ER. Suddenly, Military Man Approaches And Asks 1 Question


Aging into the Golden Years can be a beautiful and blessed time, but it also can be scary and lonely for some. One elderly woman learned this the hard way after she was abandoned at her local hospital.

Ashley Cherry was sitting in the waiting room of the Fort Campbell, Kentucky hospital when she witnessed a sight she’d never forget. Ashley had accompanied her husband to that very same emergency room where the woman seemed forlorn, perched in a wheelchair.


Flickr/Taber Andrew Bain

The elderly lady had been wheeled out to the emergency room waiting area because she had been discharged. But she confessed to the receptionist that she didn’t have any family to come pick her up and take her home.

She had no ride. So there she sat, all alone and helpless…

What Ashley observed truly upset her, she said. But one man swooped in and saved the day.

“I was saddened to see some (not all) of the employees’ lack of concern as to how she would get home. All of the sudden this AMAZING gentleman who had been waiting with his wife approached the lady and told her he would gladly take her home.”


Facebook/Love What Really Matters

The stranger did not know this woman, nor did he know where she lived. He actually was at the hospital with his wife.

“This man not knowing her or having a clue where she lived volunteered his time to care of this lovely woman. She offered to pay but he kindly declined like any good man would.”

The man’s name was Jeffery, a soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Ashley learned from his wife. When he left the emergency room to hop in his truck and give the elderly woman a ride home, Ashley walked over and wheeled her outside.


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Ashley helped Jeffery gingerly place the woman in the vehicle. It warmed her heart to see this Good Samaritan’s compassion shown to a stranger who was truly in dire need of help.

“As I watched them drive away my only thoughts were ‘There are still great people in this world’ ‘and ‘We have to care for our elders like this nice man.’ Not only does this man serve our great country, he serves his great little community. Thank you, sir…”

Ashley shared what she was blessed to witness on the Love What Matters Facebook page, where the story has gone viral. She hoped that Jeffery would see her post and know that his good deed was greatly appreciated not just by the senior citizen, but by others, too.