> ‘Entitled’ mom throws a fit after woman won’t let her pet service dog

‘Entitled’ mom throws a fit after woman won’t let her pet service dog


Megan Stoff is a guide dog trainer, she decided one day to take her dog Nala to the mall in Pittsburgh in order to get her used to places that were loud and full of people. While at the mall, a mother of a young child approached Megan and asked if they could pet the service dog that happened to be on duty.

Megan states that she gets questioned all the time regarding petting her service dogs. She responded as she always does. “No”. She can’t let anyone pet Nala because she is working and in training and this would disrupt the learning process. After receiving the answer from Megan, the mom walked on by. Megan thought that was the end of the conversation but she was wrong.

Only a few minutes had passed before the mom had come around back to her. With her daughter dangling in her arms, she attempts to start an argument with Megan. The mom was extremely irritated over Megan’s response to her and just wouldn’t let it go. She told Megan that instead of telling her “No,” she should have answered in a different manner showing more empathy. She would have rather heard that Megan was sorry and that the dog was in training.

She even went on to complain that Megan didn’t have signage to let others know they should not ask to pet the dogs. Nala had on and wears a vest every time she is in training in which the vest is covered with patches regarding service dogs. This event even went on as far as the mom calling mall security. Megan was astonished by how much this mom was willing to harass her for being told “No.”

Do you think Megan did the right thing or do you agree with the mom? Maybe you have a completely different idea on how the situation should’ve gone down. Check out the video and let us hear your opinion!